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Erwan Le Corre was inspired by Méthode Naturelle and drawing on its philosophy, created MovNat, an updated version of Méthode Naturelle including diet and lifestyle. In 2008, Erwan released the video The Workout the World Forgot but since then has rarely showcased his abilities, instead prioritising his educational intent by creating a MovNat trainer programme with help from Vic Verdier, an accomplished athlete with extensive experience in aquatics and combatives. They run workshops, retreats and certification courses all over the world. Erwan is currently working on his own book The Practice of Natural Movement. To find out more about his own projects check out  Erwan lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Below are some of the videos relating to Erwan’s story that are featured in the book.


Don Jean Habrey’s Greenland jump

The Workout the World Forgot