Documenting Parkour

Julie filming Forrest small

Pictures from my early filming days.

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My first Parkour related film production was the self-initiated documentary ASID: profile of a free runner.
Filming with Asid (Yusuf Yirtici) at night in East London, 2005.


Julie Forrest b:W early days


Filming at the South Bank centre in London with Forrest.


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Meeting Stephane Vigroux in Lisses in November 2005. This led to the making of the documentary ‘The Monkey’s Back.


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Stephane spent the day moving and telling his story.


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When some of the Yamakasi founders were invited to London for the first ever Parkour Generations Rendezvous I was there to capture the action.

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After the first Rendezvous event we went outside. What happened next is captured in the film Parkour Visions.



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During the first Rendezvous event the Yamakasi watched and moved a bit. For the Rendezvous 2 they led the training.

When YouTube launched in November 2005 there were few filmmakers who had any experience filming Parkour athletes let alone access to them. I started to share my short Parkour films on YouTube and as a result directed several commercial productions.

Filming for Canon in District 13, Paris with Seb Goudot and Stephane Vigroux. Parkour in District 13.
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Directing a short Parkour action sequence for the BBC TV series MI High. Annty Marais was the Parkour talent and Stephane Vigroux the photographer.


book website-16-2There were many international trips and not all the time was spent working. Taking a day off to go surfing with Stephane Vigroux, Jonny Budden and one of the locals in Nicaragua while working for Yota. Parkour in Nicaragua.