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Yann Hnautra continues to live in Evry and, if you exit the train station, you are likely to find him either playing his guitar or training students at the cathedral walls nearby. He likes to keep life simple, still ‘training, smiling and learning from life’. He continues to travel and share the Yamakasi spirit and values of the practice by running international as well as local workshops with his fellow Yamakasi brothers Laurent, Chau and Williams. Like those in the book, you’ll always remember the first time you meet Yann.

Below are some of the videos relating to Yann’s story that are featured in the book.

Yamakasi action compilation

Le Message

Taxi 2

Yamakasi, Les samourais des temps modernes

Les fils du vent

Cirque du Soleil – Vent d’évasion

Generation Yamakasi